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I like him...he says Okey Dokey
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12th-May-2007 10:00 pm - THIS JOURNAL IS F-LOCKED
leto sandwich
oy.... alrighty...I stole this idea from marishna and actually I attempted to make a post like this once but I lost motivation...what a shock.

Anyways basically its for all those who have added me recently or I've added (same diff) to get to know me better cause ya know...its hard to keep up and find stuff interesting when you have no idea about half the stuff that I post about (which recently is about 65% fandom stuff if not more so really you're in luck) and yeah...that is it I guess...aside from the stuff under the cut so click away.



the psychosis that is meCollapse )
30th-Jan-2007 04:38 pm(no subject)
leto sandwich
oy...almost done with this mini hiatus, after thursday I'll have no real homework for the end of term.

I was far less productive this weekend than I wanted to be...but oh well, stuff will get done.

My main point of this entry was to point out that we have a new price checker at work...he looks like a younger blonde version of McSteamy.


P.S. I had an insanely bizzare quasi x rated at some points Veronica Mars dream....all I remember is handcuffs and Lamb :P
8th-Jan-2007 08:01 am(no subject)
scrooge bah humbug
I am exceedingly unimpressed with needing to do 20 story boards today...as my icon states: Bah, Humbug!!

I hate doing storyboards, I'm too much of a perfectionist and it takes me for freaking ever to get them drawn. Cross your fingers for me and hopefully the experience won't be too painful.

At the very least I can indulge in more boxed set goodness while I do the boards...Donna spent the night last night so I'm sure she'll be game for more 90's teen drama viewing with me.

My holiday eating comes to an end today, how sad is that :( Tee hee, I really should have stopped eating last week but we baked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH STUFF and the good majority of it couldn't be frozen so there was only one other option *lol*

What else, what else???

Pretty much nothing else to say except that sent Boomer your internet love and snuggles, he hurt his toenail on Friday night...I let him out to go to the bathroom and he was really really hyper when he came in, as usual, and he ran through the kitchen and got his toenail caught in a heating grate and it looks like it almost ripped the nail right off...he was bleeding like a stuck pig for a couple of minutes and it's VERY sore for him, he was limping badly on Saturday and yesterday, today it's not quite as bad but I'm going to try and get him into the vet either this afternoon or tomorrow after work just to make sure there's no broken bones or anything...Poor boy :(
leto sandwich
So far ALREADY I've broken my two big ones...

a. Quit smoking - had 5 already today


b. Stop eating like a fucking pig - had left over thai rice from last night, crackers and cheese with sweet chili spread and I'm feeling very drawn to the trifle right now, plus we have all this whipped cream that I whipped last night for the trifle so I'm thinking about making mochas.

ah well, tomorrow...we'll start tomorrow right ;) except now that I bought that Clockwork Orange cigarette case...I really need to use it so perhaps we'll quit smoking next month yes?

Didn't really do much for new years though...was too tired from work to go out so Gabe and I had some friends over and watched some movies and the boys had Play Station wars whilst myself, Kadie, and Donna went and watched King Kong and debated who was hotter, Jack Driscoll or Captain Englehorn (or their respective actors for that matter...which on a side note Thomas Kretschmann look so much like one of my Art History Profs from last year...the hot young one who I frequently fantisized about lunging at and shagging his brains out right there in the middle of class ;))...and while I do love me some Adrien Brody and would pay vast sums of money to have sex with him on a daily basis...I must say, fair faced German men with gorgeous blue eyes and lovely lovely blonde hair and flinty breathy accents are my weakness, actually most european men are my weakness...Brits, Swedes, Danish men especially...oo and Finnish men, Germans...it's the accents...those damned accents of those damned europeans...curse them...they make me slutty minded.

Aside from that we ordered in Thai from this new resteraunt and it was horrible...and then we all got mildly sloppy drunk until midnight, aside from me, who had to be up at 7am to get ready for work.

I'm coming out of the winter blues I think, I dont know what it is or was but I'm starting to pass through the melancholy phase...though I'm still not properly motivated for school on wednesday...ick.

Work was a graveyard...at time and a half I'm still not incented to stand around and stare at the clock for four hours so they let me home early...I still did two hours of my shift so thats good enough for me. I'm now off to have a nap and them finish that tad bit of homework I have left...comments later, or tomorrow morning probably...I'm sorry I haven't been good at that...I should have some time tonight though.
14th-Dec-2006 04:21 pm(no subject)
leto sandwich
though I hate to do it...I'm doing a little F-List cut.

If I read/comment on your journal regularly and even if you just occasionally comment on mine you're in the clear, hell there's even some people that I dont care if they comment, I read their journals enough to want to keep them around so ha.

If you are conscerned about being cut and still want to remain on my F-List just comment under the post.

I'm only cutting because there's so many people that just NEVER post on my f-list and I've had them on for far too long and they haven't posted in 6 months and have never commented and it's just a pain to see the clutter.
14th-Dec-2006 09:01 am(no subject)
leto sandwich
tee hee...I'm so exhausted it's not even funny :P well, maybe it is a little.

Of course over the course of the year I've said that so many times you all probably expect that to be the first sentance of every entry.

Anywho, two days until break and I'm looking forward to it so badly I can barely stand it. I have absolutely NO plans aside from christmas dinner family insanity and possibly new years at 480 (which is a club, actually it might be called 420 *sniggers* but I can never remember) other than that it's fucking sleep until noon, and lazy ass self indulgence. I was considering telling work I was available over x-mas break but honestly, I don't want the obligation and I really need the rest anyways.

I already have lots of homework over the break too....so that sucks.

I'm seriously, seriously Jonsing for more new SPN damn it!!!! why rerun this week and next when we're so close to the big secret???? it's KIIIIIIIIIIIILING ME!!!!!!!! Kripke is such a sick sick sick sick sick fuck for making us all wait....a sick fuck but a genius none the less. I guess I'll just have to have a season one and quasi season two marathon....its about time I rewatched the first season again.

Oooooooh, and I can get all caught up on V-Mars and Grey's Anatomy too seeing as I'm at LEAST three weeks behind on both....awesomeness.

Ooooooh Oooooh, and I can comment again :P awesomeness again.

You know what would be really awesome? If I got to do my practicum on the SPN set in my last term...not just for the chance to stand and salivate endlessly, but for the actual stuff...to see the filming and know what's gonna happen way before everyone else would be so kick ass. It wouldnt even ruin anything for me being that I watch each episode about three billion times each (tee....hee...I've watched Croatoan about 6 or 7 times since last week.

heh, I think I'm a little hyper....even though I'm dead on my feet.

ack....I'll not bore y'all any more.

by the way...as I said in a previous post HERE If you want an x-mas card leave your addy...they'll be sent out next monday, provided I get my ass in gear. I make no promises, I do intend to send them out, but I may get sidetracked.....just like last year *lol*

yeah, that's about it.

comments tonight or tomorrow sometime :) I promise this time I'll go through all my f list....I swear
30th-Nov-2006 04:42 pm(no subject)
leto sandwich
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

good lord, can I be in the middle of a Leto sandwich please? If not can I just have the elder Leto (the one on the left) then?

Nguuuuuhhhh....I'm so lusty minded today, and of course after watching that video about 300 times last night I had an X rated Leto dream that pretty much kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiled me (I really really wish I could go back in time and fuck his brains out....I'm sure he's fantastic in bed...most drummers are).

Anywho...I have not been at work or school since last saturday :P how awesome is that? a mini vacation before christmas break *lol* I probably wont be at class in the morning either because Gabe's driving me to the train station because he says I'm too shitty a driver to drive in freezing rain so prbably wont leave right away tomorrow morning...I'm so sick of the snow it's not even remotely funny. I'm tempted to even stay home tomorrow but I know I shouldnt cause I missed last weeks friday class. but I'm so terrified of driving in the snow, even when someone else is driving and I dont relish taking the bus from surrey back to here (Gabe'll be working so it's bus and then walk :S).

Ugh...I dont know....my motivation is lacking a bit this week it seems. Oh well, it's only two days left of class this week...I'll struggle through.

In the mean time to keep from going stir crazy I've satiated my icon muse quite thoroughly, though I need to make more more and more becuase after spending 5 days of doing nothing but icons it seems I'm even more addicted.

I am now 3 weeks behind in vmars...though I know her and logan break up again...but I dont know why...if it has anything to do with fucking Piz I will break some skulls I tell you...I fucking hate Piz.

*yawns* anywho...I will be commenting some time tonight hopefully...but for now I need a nap...flat out exhausted for some reason
13th-Oct-2006 07:39 pm(no subject)
tommy lee biatch

To Whom it May Coscern:

My Christmas List is as follows this year....If you can supply me with any of the following items men gifts...please feel free :P

p.s. Asterisk mark the really important ones all rank as important...meaning I need everything from this list :) k thanx...repeats are just for emphasis :)

- Jensen Ackles
- Jared Padalecki
- Trent Rezor
- Elijah Blue
- Jeordie White (meh...why the hell not...I need a second go...he was coked...it wasnt his fault he had quasi limp dick :P)
- Josh Holloway
- Desmond (because his real life name doesn't suit him nearly enough...his name is Desmond now)
- Jensen Ackles
- Jensen Ackles
- Jensen Ackles
- Trent Reznor
- Trent Reznor
- Trent Reznor
- Matthew Fox
- Ewan McGregor
- McSteamy

There's more but I'm exhausted and I need to save some for my birthday right????

ETA: oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

kay kay...

- Tommy Lee
- Tommy Lee
- Tommy Lee
- Tommy Lee

kay now I'm done
11th-Oct-2006 03:22 pm(no subject)
leto sandwich
yes yes christ shut up about that stupid band already right?

One more music minded entry for this week....this one's fun though cause it has more downloads and becuase I like spreading brilliant music about...at least check it out...granted, if you like boy bands and bubble gum pop tartlets...you probably won't like...probably too dark and broody...well maybe not dark or broody but it's just not everyone's cup of tea...though I dont see how you could not like it personally :) none the less...I give you a sampling. Honestly, listen to it...it's good.

Head Like A Hole ~ Nine Inch Nails
Closer ~ Nine Inch Nails
Hurt ~ Nine Inch Nails
( I know I'd get creamed by a few people in real life if I mentioned it but hah...its tha interweb, what the hell...I'm horriby sorry but Johnny Cash covering this song was wrong beyond words...It litterally made me want to claw my eyes out...its one of those songs that should just not be covered by ANYONE I dont care who you are...

subsequently this is one of those songs that holds so much personal meaning it's not even funny...when it came out or rather when I bought the CD I was in such a wretched place and so bloody depressed I'd listen to it and just cry my eyes out...before grabbing the exacto blade/razor blade and yeah....yes...I've had issues, I'm aware
The Fragile ~ Nine Inch Nails
Into the Void ~ Nine Inch Nails
The Great Below ~ Nine Inch Nails
Non-Entity ~ Nine Inch Nails
Right Where it Belongs ~ Nine Inch Nails
29th-Sep-2006 10:14 pm(no subject)
leto sandwich
I shit you not...I jsut watched the Supernatural 02x01 for the 5th time just now.

Oh how my muses are itching me...*whimpersquirmflails* and yet I can't decide on how I want to colour my prospective icons and I have to go to bed momentarily because I have that 8 hour tomorrow *whimper flail*

There will be iconage tomorrow morning and sunday afternoon and monday morning/afternoon and then ALL DAY BOTH TUES AND WEDS!!!!! with other meaningful purposeful relevant life things as well...no worries :P but

I need to icon this ep!!!! it's too pretty and it's driving me nuts!!!!
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